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True Keratin

True Keratin was founded in 2009, with the goal of creating a dream brand that allowed people to fall in love with their hair again. 

True Keratin Inc is a family run company with our ethos being based on honesty and quality. We take our time to research and develop healthy hair care products without the use of toxins, dangerous synthetics or harmful chemicals. We also strongly believe in protecting the environment. Therefore, all the ingredients we use are carefully sourced from trusted, certified organic suppliers who are opposed to animal testing and who share our environmental ethics. We are involved in every step of the product development process, this means spending countless hours in the lab experimenting with ingredients and formulations to create the perfect product, picking every bottle design personally, creating the product labels to our standards and ensuring the quality of the product right to delivery to yourself. 

We believe in creating products that make a difference to people. Products that work. Products that as a stylist you can rely on to give astonishing results every time. With great hair comes confidence, empowering women to achieve their dreams. It's this confidence we want each client to feel as they leave the salon after experiencing a True Keratin smoothing treatment. 

The extensive effort that we place on creating amazing products and a strong brand image is why we feel, as we hope you do to, that it is important for us to create a strong international brand with companies like yourselves that share our passion, enthusiasm, ethics and integrities. Which is why we place strong emphasis on the TrueKeratin brand only being sold through educated professional hair salons. 


Best known for our big red can of hairspray, in fact, we sell a can of hairspray every 4 seconds! We are the #1 professional hairspray brand, but what you may not know is that we are much more than that. We have a full line of both styling and hair care products to suit the need of every hair type. 

BIG SEXY HAIR: creates voluminous hair 

HEALTHY SEXY HAIR: adds moisture to improve hair health 

STYLE SEXY HAIR: a variety of hold, shine, and texture to fit your styling needs

SMOOTH SEXY HAIR: smooths coarse hair types

VIBRANT SEXY HAIR: extra care for color-treated hair

CURLY SEXY HAIR: great for all curl types

BLONDE SEXY HAIR: especially for Blonde Bombshells 

STRONG SEXY HAIR: adds strength and elasticity for damaged, fragile hair

LONG SEXY HAIR: detangles, moisturizes & adds shine to long hair & extensions

HOT SEXY HAIR: helps prevent heat damage and protects hair up to 450°F



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8 Chepstow Drive Hazel Grove SK7 4RY

Telephone: 0161 456 5140

Hair Boutique Limited is registered in England and Wales, company registration number 7962644

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